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At our veterinary surgery in South East London, are always here to help provide care for you pets and ensure they get the treatments that are needed. Here at Rod Henney & Associates, we ensure that the highest of standards are carried out by our team of vets, to help ensure that your pet is always receiving the best care and service.

Our range of services include:

  • Pet Food
  • Pet Passports
  • Pet Insurance
  • Health Reviews
  • Geriatric Care
  • General Veterinary Surgery Care

Pet Food & Dietician

We can provide the best pet food that is ideal for your pet. We run a nutrition consultation to help determine the best foods to suit your pet's lifestyle.

Pet Passport

We can provide all the vaccinations, blood tests, micro-chipping and other treatments needed for your pet to receive its passport at our veterinary clinic. We are qualified to stamp your pet passport when all the procedures are completed and your pet is ready to travel. This process qualifying for a pet passport can take a while. Call us or send us an enquiry now for a consultation or visit our veterinary surgery in Woolwich.

Pet Insurance

All of our staff are fully trained to provide and offer all our clients with the most appropriate pet insurance. We have found that our clients valued and have benefited from our efficient process when dealing with an insurance claim. Those pets that are insured, we ask for the accounts to be settled as a first priority before we can help you with your claim.

Health Reviews

We have a duty as your local vets, to provide health reviews for all pets that come into our veterinary surgery annually. This enables us to provide you with the best advise of potential health problems, for example, when a pet is growing older and may need different care. This service is highly valued between our clients, as it helps them to plan for any health services they may need. We will also send you reminders via post to let you know when your next review is due.

Geriatric Care

When your pet reaches over 20 years of age we begin to treat them for their age. This includes beginning to have health reviews every 6 months and offering advice and support that will help you pet at this age.

Need advice?

If your pet is feeling ill and is experiencing any symptoms of sickness, then send us and enquiry to book an appointment or ask any questions about your pet.

Alternatively, you can call us now for immediate advice.

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